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Young Empires from Toronto, Canada graced the KFN stage on March 3rd courtesy of the Swollen Fox and Y-Not Radio.  Dripping in big beat indie-electro goodness Young Empires wasted no time plunging head first into a set of mesmerizing tracks.  The energy transfer from band to crowd was ephemeral and lasted long after the last note faded out of the stage amplifiers, through the hot confines of KFN, and into the warm Philadelphia winter evening.

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Young Empires, comprised of Matthew, Aaron, Jacob and Taylor, have a sound that transcends live recording and hits with the force of a mega-ton bomb in a live arena.  Primed for future success with a new album out now and several EP’s worth of material prior, we look forward to seeing these guys get the recognition they deserve.  Young Empire’s eventual return to Philly is eagerly awaited and we feel fortunate to have been in attendance for their first go-around.  Check out some video from their set below and make sure to check out our favorite song of theirs, Enter Through the Sun: