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Every so often we attend a show semi-blind and don’t quite know what to expect.  This, on occasion, proves to be a decision that stuns with it’s seemingly perfect fate.  The Saint Motel set at KFN on March 3rd presented by The Swollen Fox and Y-Not Radio was just such an event.  Music that made us want to re-listen to their entire catalog.  Music that made us want to continue to search through the myriad of quality, and not so quality, band output to find another so exciting.  We wish another chance to replicate the experience would come soon as this was truely great to watch and hear.  A/J Jackson Jr., Dak, asharp, and G.S. Erwin are an LA-based quartet with a jubilant sound delivered via fierce drums, nasty guitar solos, steady bass lines and harmonic vocals.

Saint Motel on Spotify

 The effort displayed was partially measured in sweat as KFN was extremely hot for a winter night.  The remainder was displayed in passionately delivered verse, chord and beat to a crowd who knew what they were seeing was way above average.  Saint Motel is a band to be seen while you can outside of L.A. and before the machine gets a hold of their obvious talent.  We know wide success for them is always at their doorstep, and that Saint Motel is a band to watch and listen.  Check the link above for their catalog on Spotify and take a peep at the videos from the evening below.  Please also note, these guys cover a Del Shannon track – My Little Runaway.  How sick is that?  It’s the third video down: