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Cheers Elephant is a band capable of fully developing tracks on multiple layers with stand-out vocals and great instrumental harmonies.  It is one thing to be capable but another to execute.  We posit they do just that, execute groovable/rockable/danceable music. Their sound is always engaging and their sets are always a good time.  Doin’ It Right off their 2012 release Like Wind Blows Fire is one of our favorite tracks of the year.  At last count, 93 plays. The obsession with this track started on record store day of this year when we bought one of their albums after their live performance on South Street outside Repo records.

So, this was the third time we have caught them and the first time indoors.  It was also the first time we took video.  Derek Krzywicki, Jordan del Rosario, Travelin’ Mat, and Robert Kingsly round out the talented four piece.  Penning incredibly catchy tracks and putting out music videos in 3D are just parts of Cheers Elephant’s portfolio.  With a new album out this year and many local performances for the hometown band, Cheers Elephant is poised to take larger and larger stages.  Check out some of their music via the player below and pick up their merch:

On this night Cheers Elephant played World Cafe Live Philly downstairs.  You know how good this venue sounds and it was a great place to hear them again.  We caught 6 of their tracks which are all on YouTube for your viewing pleasure: