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Motoring in from Atlanta, GA, Red Sea took the stage at JB’s in Philly on December 5th 2012 to play their brand of progressive noise rock. The quartet comprised of Kyle Sherrill, Stephen Luscre, Mick Mayer and Patrick Mayer has a unique sound driven by great melody and 80’s post-wave vocal stylings. For some evidence, check out their EP below via bandcamp (with decidedly awesome cover art in our opinion).

Red Sea on this evening brought a great complimentary sound to the other bands playing and rounded out the show perfectly. Their tight compositions were characterized by synchronicity in all members contributions. This in itself made the set enjoyable but pleasing and soul-moving guitar chords pushed the set to the next level. The performance showcased how good some local indie rock acts are in the ATL and talking with the band after the show proved that they are not only great musicians, but nice people as well. Plus, we had to mention, Red Sea pressed music on cassette tape which we always are drawn towards – long live the medium. Extra points to their merch offering there.

We had been excited to see Red Sea before the show and afterwards are still stoked to see them again at some point in time. Until then, we shall re-watch the video taken and so can you: