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No better metaphor exists for the band than that of it’s own name.  The Sea Around Us attempts and succeeds in breeding a rare musical flavor, tucked in between genres; and yet concurrently defining.  Rallying from home, the Philly-based 4-piece of Seth Auster-Rosen, Brendan Evans, Sean Gallagher, Ricardo Lagomasino are no shoegazers.  Drawing on diverse influences, The Sea Around Us is a Strawberry Mansion effort that, like it’s area, deserves to do big things.

On January 5th, 2012 at JB’s in Philly, The Sea Around Us headlined the show in strong fashion.  A fun show and one that you should really just go to.  Seriously.  Check out the guitar work.  Sick stuff.  Vocals are unique and powerful.  Drummer’s crescendos are dramatic and exciting.  Bass line supports it all.  Go see em.  We will start on the video series below with the set-opener: