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Zechs Marquise, like the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing character it’s named after, strikes fast and without warning. Their devastatingly good brand of progressive space funk moved like a tidal wave over the Kung Fu Necktie audience on November 21st. Wailing guitars, out of this world drumming and a keyboardist whose fingers moved at the speed of light amazed the crowded room.

The band hails from El Paso, Texas and is made up of Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez, Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez, Marcos Smith, Matthew Wilkson and Rikardo Rodriguez-Lopez. Their August 2011 release, GETTING PAID. is a study in the future of funk and needs to be heard:

The band provides a nice bio that we will borrow instead of attempting a re-write:

Zechs Marquise formed in El Paso, Texas during the spring of 2003 when brothers Marfred and Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez came together with childhood friends Matthew Wilkson and Marcos Smith. The group soon named itself after a popular Japanese anime character and hit the studio to record its first album during the late summer months of 2004. That studio effort was later scrapped and in June 2006 the band instead released 34:26, a live improved set that showed its great range of talents and influences. By fall of 2006, Zechs was touring the west coast consistently, sharing the stage with such eclectic acts as Daedelus, Busdriver, The Album Leaf, (DJ) Nobody, Daddy Kev, The Gaslamp Killer, and Totimoshi. July 2007 saw the band return to the recording studio. Having learned from the difficulties of their first attempt, the quartet decided to keep all of the recording in house, purchasing a mixing board, microphones, and Pro Tools in order to track all of the recordings themselves. After a few days in their studios, dubbed Castle Greyskull and El Morro, the members realized they had enough material for a full length album. The record, Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare, was completed in February 2008. Zechs Marquise then spent time on the road, auspiciously touring with Free Moral Agents & Blank Blue. In March 2009, the band made its first adventure overseas to Europe, opening for the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group, in which Marcel — then performing double duty — is also a player. During the overseas tour, Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare was released in Europe by RLP/Willie Anderson Recordings on CD as well as the first pressing of the album on vinyl. In May 2009, Zechs Marquise signed on to the prestigious management roster at Sargent House and will release Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare in the U.S. on vinyl and CD on August 25th through Rodriguez Lopez Productions.

The skills manifested on stage at this show were not lost on the crowd who were all very into the music – so much so, in fact, that this is one of the few times ever we have seen a set roll so far into an evening when a DJ was scheduled to attend (over 30 minutes into it). This band is amazing and the videos we have for you below do not do them justice. They must be heard live to be believed. Please, go out and catch these guys if you find it possible.