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Is Among Criminals one of the best bands in Philly? Yes, we think it is. This Dub/Reggae-based Indie Rock band slays listeners with Bean Pitonak’s Flea/Claypool-reminiscent base lines for days, Ryan Gaughan’s Hendrix-esque guitar skills and Joan Baez-like peaceful lyrical pleas, and Jarrod Pedone’s channeling of Bonham’s steady hand on drums. For us, there are few bands that are more fun to watch. These guys are so far into the music that they pull in the listener in ways few bands can. You feel their emotions in every song, in every set.

You may remember our previous review of the Gaughan/Pitonak side project Sneaking Suspicion. That set was amazing and this, perhaps, was even better if that’s possible. We are perplexed as to why these guys aren’t huge. Perhaps because it isn’t pre-packaged and commodizable. A fact that the band probably relishes from a moral standpoint. They aren’t about being huge and rich but instead focus on spreading the word of equality, human rights, and peace.

While they are done with Philly shows until 2012, you MUST get out and see them next year. If you don’t, you are missing some of the best dub to be had in the city of brotherly love. Check out some video and see if you don’t find yourself singing along: