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The Wave Pictures from Wymeswold, England have been making music since 1998 with their first label release coming in 2006.  Through this time, David Tattersall on vocals and guitar, Franic Rozycki on bass guitar, and Jonny Helm on drums (and solo vocals in one song recorded live that evening) have honed their performance and built up a large catalog of music.  April 25th 2012 brought Kung Fu Necktie this solid act fronted by Tattersall who has mastered the guitar solo – almost, if not every, track contained one of varied style.

The band has a Smiths-esque aesthetic to it but it does not come close to defining them.  Their recipe is more complicated than mimicking anything at all.  The previously mentioned diversity in guitar solos ensure that.  There is also a more upbeat feel to the tracks with muted cowbell included on a track or two.  Track lyrics sku abstract and we love it.  Still on tour in the US for a few more weeks, Philly was lucky to catch them on the second show of their Stateside tour.  If you have a chance, go support these guys.  If you need convincing, check out our vids below: