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This was our second time catching Widowspeak and it was as delightful as the first. What was rendered the evening of April 15th 2012 was certainly a more honed and confident performance indicative of the extensive touring that had taken place in the interim.

There was also one additional member; Pamela Garavano-Coolbaugh.  This afforded a more dynamic sound and the volume of people on stage matched that of the performance’s auditory depth.  All of the original three, Molly Hamilton, Rob Thomas, and Mike Stasiak are still in the group and sounding better than ever.  Molly still has her enchanting voice, Rob is still killing it on guitty, Mike is still holding it down on drums.  Every bit as personable as the first time we caught them on their inaugural Philly performance,  Widowspeak replicated on and off stage impressiveness.  We hesitate at gushing, but shit, we just did it.  And this band truly deserves it.

Check out some videos from the evening below and dig the guitar solo in Nightcrawlers – boss.