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The decade old project of Jamie Stewart, Xiu Xiu, played a fresh set at FUC in Philly on the third of May 2012.  This avant-garde experimental indie group has existed as a solar system of artists with one star.  The current orbiter (since 2009) is Angela Seo.  The history around Xiu Xiu is deep and saving a regurgitation of this, we simply point you to wikipedia for many paragraphs on the subject.

We can state unequivocally that the performance was moving and energetic.  Coasting in between soft and hard sounds, Xiu Xiu created an atmosphere that held gravity in a state of influx allowing those in attendance to ebb and flow with the metaphorical currents;  quiet interludes pulled at the feet while  soaring guitar solos and haunting vocals pulled the listener up off the ground.  Percussion sounds added to the visceral feel that was manifested and we were happy to be in attendance for yet another stunning performance at FUC for Xiu Xiu.  We have a few videos for you below and apologize in advance for the partially obscured shots: