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Playing their first set in hometown Philly since February 2012, Work Drugs blew off steam in the form of solid, upbeat chillwave sounds all wearing stone-cool shades and invigorating the crowd.  Highly danceable tracks showed the deep skill set of the band who earlier in March had a great showing at SXSW.  Work Drugs is fronted by two and supported by many.  Tom Crystal on vocal and guitar noises with Ben Louisiana on vocal, key, and synth noises design a self-described sedative-wave, smooth-fi sound proving once again, genres are simply a means for unnecessary classification.  Word Drugs is a golden local musical blend, universally listenable,  that everyone can get behind.  We simply love their sound.

Work Drugs Show Flier

Tracks played on this April 28th evening at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia were off their 2011 efforts Summer Blood and Aurora Lies plus included at least one brand new 2012 single.  We captured video of one below:  License To Drive.  All songs seemed sowed together with precision – instrumentals and vocals complimented each other well live and some we found better than in studio.  Crowd engagement was well represented and we felt brought into the act.  Everything we had hoped it would be, we present to you a few videos from the set below and encourage you to give Work Drugs your attention:


  1. Ice Wharf
  2. Third Wave
  3. Flying Zambo
  4. Catalina Wine Mixer
  5. Swimmer Girl
  6. Sunset Junction
  7. License to Drive
  8. Blue Steel
  9. Physical Acts
  10. Daddy Bear
  11. Curious Serge
  12. Rad Racer