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Crystal Stilts played mind melting psych post-punk fuzz at JB’s in Philly on April 15th.  The quintet out of BK is comprised of the talents of Brad Hargett on vocals, JB Townsend on guitar, Kyle Forester on keyboard, Andy Adler on bass, and Keegan Cooke on drums.  After great buzz in 2008, the band took a hiatus and returned full force in 2011 with the LP In Love With Oblivion.  Taking many cues from 60’s psych rock, Crystal Stilts maintains a fresh edge and tantalizing sound that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

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Ripping through mostly new songs of their 2011 effort, in addition to several classics, Crystal Stilts created an atmosphere in JB’s reminiscent of a different time and place.  Graphics projected on the giant right-angled screens behind the band showed racing images of fleeting landscapes of indistinguishable matter. The electric organ sound of the keys with acid guitar and haunting vocals cemented that aura as space in between tracks was filled with the pysch drone of hung notes and strum teases.  An amazing performance from these guys who are better than ever, check out the Crystal Stilts live below: