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The talented and assiduous indie electronic dance act Reptar played KFN in Philly on April 13th to a packed crowd.  We were pleased to see Philly come out in such force for an act not on the radar for many – but we predict they will be soon enough in the same way Reptar has developed a huge following in the southeast from their home base of Athens, Georgia.  With an EP, Oblangle Fizz Y’all, chocked full of singles and a new LP out May 1st, Reptar is on the launch pad ready to take off.  The band began under its current moniker in 2008.  Comprised of Ryan Engelberger (bass), William Kennedy (keys), Andrew McFarland (drums), Graham Ulicny (guitar, singing), and Poof Daunghty (percussion, keys) Reptar the group is current on the Vagrant Records imprint.

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Reptar’s catchy tunes translate into an exuberant concert environment.   They make parties.  Every song was delivered with energy that instantaneously infected the room.  Brilliant.  Reptar played numerous new tracks in addition to old staples.  Lined up against the front of the stage, Graham took many occasions to talk to the crowd and parlay the eventual frenzy brought on by their new single, Sebastian.   Eventually, this track was precipitated by consensual neighborly head touching (there isn’t a easy way to describe this dammit – it’s on the first video though so suggestions are welcome).  At the conclusion of that insanity, Reptar ran into Sebastian and the floor boards at KFN rocked like a schooner in the middle of the Atlantic.  A solid performance, you can check out some of our video below: