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Far-Out Fangtooth, the best-named band in Philadelphia and recently voted one of the top 12 best musically by The Deli, ferociously closed out a truly psychedelic evening at KFN on February 8th.  The band is well known around the city for putting out a sludgy, guitar driven psych-punk sound. Certainly one of our favorite acts to catch, FOFT put out a new album at the end of 2011 which you can please your ears with below:

On this evening, Far-Out Fangtooth was dressed to impress and they wasted no time getting into their groove.  Laying down blistering guitar solos and the usual stand-up drumming (pun intended for those familiar with FOFT’s drummer, Vince), it was another solid performance from the four: Joseph Kusy on Guitar/Vocals, Tania Mesterhazy on Bass, Vincent Alvare on Percussion/ Vocal and Nicholas Kulp on Guitar/Vocals.  Delivered from the dark KFN stage, back-lit only by the usual red beading along the curved ceiling and a spotlight of their own inclusion, the sound was truly the star.

When you see Far-Out Fangtooth on the bill, do yourself a favor and go see them if their racket is up your alley.  Great music coming out of our city for sure.  Check out some of our video below: