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The Brooklyn, by way of San Fran, duo known as Royal Baths (of Kanine, Woodsist, WZRD MNTN record labels) put on a mind-melter at KFN in Philly on Wednesday, February 8th.  Jeremy Cox and Jigmae Baer have just released their second album which builds upon their previous take on droney, psychedelic rock and is a fantastic listen.  Delivered live, we could feel the heavy sound vibrate through our bones in the most fantastic of ways.  We wanted them to play all night.

The Royal Baths’ touring ensemble is made up of four including John Rau, Turner Halsey.  The quartet breaks into song at varying pace but with consistent intensity.  Solid guitar work and steady drums are capped by eerie and trippy vocals.  Every song played left us hoping for another with the same metaphorical evisceration.  Beside ourselves was the prevailing feeling.  Guitar cords so sharp we felt cut to pieces.  Music so enveloping, we hope a second chance to see them comes soon.  Get out and see them when you can – disappointment is a word that drops from the dictionary when Royal Baths are concerned.  Check out some video below: