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Girls played a stunning set at UT in Philly on January 13th, 2012.

Girls are an Indie Rock band out of San Francisco California.  The band has a core of two: Christopher Owens, who writes & sings, and Chet “JR” White, who plays bass & produces.  Owens came to CA by way of TX and was formerly a member of Holy Shit with Ariel Pink.  Having released their second LP at the end of 2011, and with an EP already under their belts, Girls has built up a sick collection of tracks and they appear to be hitting their stride if never before.  The band has received critical acclaim from the tradition music critics on the back of musical influences such as Queen + Guns ‘N Roses.  But make no mistake, their sound is very different from these.  Trying to describe it is pointless.


On this evening Girls brought a full production to the stage replete with drummer, keyboardist, backing guitarist,  and 3 lovely soul singers.  The microphone stands and other stage props were adored with flowers bouquets which would be tossed into the crowd following the last song of their encore.  Christopher wore jeans reminiscent of 80’s lady Jordache styling and his top was a beautiful black velvet number with a high mid-drift and over-sized neck-hole.  Belting out tracks and shredding his guitars, there was no doubt who the star here was.  This set in particular left us feeling musically high and we wanted to hear every song the band was willing to give.  Watching the vides from the evening transports us back to that amazing time, each and every time.  Check them out below and definitely get out and see these guys when you can: