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Those in attendance at Union Transfer in Philadelphia on January 12th 2012 got a sneak peak into what will become an increasingly popular name later in the year – King Krule.  Starting out in 2010 as Zoo Kid, King Krule changed his stage name/band name in the middle of 2011 already having had several scene-popular tracks under his belt. Continually building the repertoire, Archy Marshall aka King Krule, has a muddled-melodic and slick vocal sound that glides above bluesy-rock eclectic guitar.  To miss this would have been a tragedy.

Putting on a tight show with backing band, King Krule embedded a sound in our brains that will remain there indefinitely.  The 17 year old took the stage like a veteran and we can only but imagine what it’s like to be across the pond, playing big venues, in a project of your own creation at that age.  Stunning show.  Talent like that should support a long career and we truly hope King Krule doesn’t fall through the cracks.  We are betting he won’t.  Check him out: