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This is the fourth article in a series reviewing sets from some of the best bands in Philly at the Level Room NYE2012 show produced my Phonographic Arts. This show played double duty as the last show of 2011 and the first of 2012 and was amazing.

Also on the bill was Bleeding Rainbow.   We’ve written about them before and hate to tread old ground.  To summarize, Bleeding Rainbow is .. well .. Philadelphia’s own Bleeding Rainbow – one of those local bands everyone wants to see and for good reason.  Their sound is awesome.  Their effort is legendary.  Their music is all just really good.  Live it’s the same and on NYE2012 Bleeding Rainbow brought down the house despite the efforts of an over-zealous drunk dude who thought it was funny to repeatedly jump on stage and shout shit into the mic.  Perhaps it was funny…  In any event, the band killed it from from to back and to be able to see them without a million people in front of us is sick.  Catch em before they get huge and tour constantly.  Youv’e been warned.  We got 4 Bleeding Rainbow videos for you this time: