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This is the third article in a series reviewing sets from some of the best bands in Philly at the Level Room NYE2012 show produced my Phonographic Arts. This show played double duty as the last show of 2011 and the first of 2012 and was amazing.

Creepoid is one Philly band we were eager to check out live.  Psychedelic grunge at  it’s core makes Creepoid a rather unique act in Philly – their light up drum kit makes it downright one of a kind.  The best part is that they are no one trick pony.  Listen to Dream Out for evidence of this.  The twangy guitar is a heart warming touch in a genre more known for angst.  Their songs will approach you from multiple angles. Maybe it is the psych angle that levels the ship to a perfect keel, but whatever the case may be – we love these guys and can’t wait to catch them again soon.  Peruse the Creepoid bandcamp for music and downloads.

Check out the video starting with Dream Out below.  Friggen awesome ladies and gentlemen: