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This is the second article in a series reviewing sets from some of the best bands in Philly at the Level Room NYE2012 show produced my Phonographic Arts. This show played double duty as the last show of 2011 and the first of 2012 and was amazing.

Not be lost in the vast NYE line up at The Level Room was the Philly standout A Fire in the Hearts and Minds. Comprised of Douglas Foulke Jr. on Guitar and vocals, Ben Roysden on bass, and Chad Hoffmann on Drums, these guys play a self-described musical amalgam of Torche, Hum, Pixies, Joy Division, bleach-era Nirvana and blue-era Weezer. In practice its pretty damn fantastic. These guys are even giving away their new album via bandcamp so you have no reason not to grab that.

Obscured in the following video is much of the stage ongoings due to very low lighting. The sound is there though and we really appreciate what these guys are doing. Check some live video [for all intents and purposes audio] out for yourselves: