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Lost Show Posts:  LPC has caught some really kick-ass shows that for some strange reason never got reported on.  The Ape! set at Kung Fu Necktie on September 26th 2011 was one of these.

Ape! is a throwback to 1991 noise grudge hardcore rock in our opinion.  Originating in Newark, DE, Louis Sarris, Matt Gorzynski, and Sean Connolly sonically treat listeners with moving guitar, bass, drums and vocals.  Their sound might be to harsh for some, but those some can’t say it didn’t move them.  Ape! was a great listen and their performance was visceral.

Running through tracks, we felt like we were in a black and white smash and grab scene of a movie.  The urge to mosh was huge but the audience on this night did not quite support the act.  Though enjoying the wicked guitar solos and punishing bass lines, those in attendance were too preoccupied with their beers.  The feeling was there none-the-less and Ape! was an awesome act to catch.  Check out some video below: