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Grimace Federation magically combines live drums, computer samples and loops with live electric guitar and bass to compose a sound that will melt your face.  Jim, Wes, Chris, and Xack have a sound that is part jazz, part funk, part electronic, part rock and all parts awesome.  On November 21nd these Phillyites played a moving show for the KFN crowd with other-worldly sound emitting from the dark stage perforated with various light display.

The bands music is a fantastic listen and will move you heard live.  Aesop Rock has even taken to remixing it and rapping over the work.

We really wish these guys played more shows locally and look forward to seeing where they end up in 2012.  It is really good stuff and relating to it is effortless.  Their full 2010 release is available for purchase and preview on Bandcamp as is their 2008 release:

Some highlights from the evening were watching the math-rock like percussion, computer/guitar double duty and the switch off between, the layering of sounds to build both subtle and over-stated crescendos, and the flow between songs allowing for long, introspective groove lines.  Grimace Federation must have something special in the water they are drinking because this type of sound is few and far between.  Make sure you get out and support these guys when you have a chance and check out the two videos we caught from the evening (sorry for the quality: bad lights and infectious music made it hard to film)