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Chicago’s Mannequin Men were more than just window dressing in their set at KFN in Philly on November 17th.  Hot off the release of their new eponymous album and glowing reviews by SPIN magazine among others, the quartet played a very lively and tight show for the Philly crowd.  Incorporating mostly tracks off their 2011 LP release, Mannequin Men infused the room with killer bass, guitar, drums and vocals.

Mannequin Men is comprised of Kevin Richard, Ethan D’Ercole, Seth Bohn, and Miles Raymer.  The most prevalent description of their sound (and one which we would agree with) is “If the Replacements had met Peter Sellers on the floor of a dive bar somewhere in the Midwest, they may have drunkenly thought up the Mannequin Men.” Funny, serious, and true.  Having put in incredible amounts of work over the past 7 years, the band’s efforts certainly seem to be paying off with another album that is a great listen and a live show that is as good if not better.

Mannequin Men are a treasure and should not be missed.  We only wish that they were a Philly band so we could watch them play and hang out with them more often.  Check out some video we captured from their set: