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Johnny Brenda’s played host to the Philadelphia collective POWER ANIMAL on November 15th.  Three members deep on this evening, POWER ANIMAL moved through multiple songs dripping in sample and drum machine goodness.  Known for using a plethora of different types on instrumentation, POWER ANIMAL attempts and succeeds at creating diverse sounds not akin to anything or anyone in particular.

For this set the band chose to go with electronic sounds to match the mood of the show in general.  To accomplish this, Keith manned the sample machine, drum machine, keys, xylophone, and vocals with Marie on toy piano and vocals and lastly a drummer (we feel terribly bad that we don’t know his name but would like to add it if you shoot us a message).

POWER ANIMAL is a fun band to listen to with a certain brand of magic behind their musical compositions.  We look forward to catching them again to see who will be on stage with them and what the instrumentation will consist of.  A local NE Philly gem, get out and catch them whenever possible.  Check out some video we captured from their Balam Acab opening set:


Check out more POWER ANIMAL over at LPC on YouTube!