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Balam Acab‘s set at Johnny Brenda’s in Philly on November 15th was one of the most moving we have ever seen. Quite simply put, outstanding. The work of Alec Koone is so defining and genre bending that describing it seems like an exercise in futility. The project/band was two people strong on this evening with vocals complementing sample machines and other sound making equipment. Everything was on-point and sounded amazing. Koone’s great voice work was backed up by a second singer who was incredibly gifted and the total package of sound left us wanting more.

Balam Acab Live

Balam Acab is the project turned touring band of Alec Koone who composes his own material while also producing stunning remixes. He named this project after a Mayan demigod who created rainbows by piercing clouds with arrows. Coincidentally, or perhaps purposefully, the sound mimics this ancient demigod in its’ ability to create rainbows and visceral feelings of all sorts. His debut album, “WANDER / WONDER”, is now out on Triangle Records and was the source for most of the material played at JB’s. This piece combines harmonized vocals with organic electronic sounds to created a landscape of magic and dreams. A fantastic listen.

We strongly encourage you to get out and support Balam Acab when you can and to pick up a copy of the new album. You will not be disappointed. Here is some video we took from last evening: