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We finally got to witness the Lo-Fi/Country-Punk/Rock & Roll duo known as Sunny Ali and The Kid October 28th at JB’s as part of rockaphilly‘s amazing 3 band lineup.  You may not be familiar with these guys but it’s your loss if not.  You may be wondering what country punk is and what it sounds like.  For those curious, we have videos and links to the band’s material on bandcamp following the article.

Sunny Ali and The Kid have perfected their sound and look with twangy rock guitar, steady drum kit and quint essential county getup including cowboy hats.  These guys are fun to listen to.  Blending country guitar twang with punk-rock vocals and lo-fi craftsmanship, SA&TK are carving out a new direction in sound.  Reminiscent of early county-rock crossover acts, Sunny Ali delivers his slightly punk vocals while staying true to a country artist’s stage presence.  Even though the band boasts no country influences, there is still that country feel but in the most non-traditional way possible.  We love those who think outside the box.  SA&TK does just that.

Hailing from South Philly, the band spends considerable time at gigs in NY and outside the states.  Perhaps this nomad-ism is what has caused us not to have caught them before; but more importantly, it has helped shape their sound and stage  sensibilities.  Both of these are characteristics we loved.  SA&TK are one of the best acts in Philly and should you listen to country music, you will never hear it the same after hearing these guys.


If these videos aren’t enough, head on over to the LPC YouTube channel to check out some more videos of SA&TK from the night.