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An amazing trio out Minneapolis, MN called Now, Now came through Philly October 20th. Their fuzzy, synth-driven rock sounded fantastic at Johnny Brenda’s and we enjoyed hearing their staples and new songs very much.

Now, Now play live at JB's in Philly

Now, Now is comprised of Cacie Dalager (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Bradley Hale (drums, backing vocals), and Jess Abbott (guitar, vocals). Formed back in 2003, the band has matured and so has it’s sound. This maturation is even represented in their change of name from Now, Now Every Children to just Now, Now.  Now, Now’s popularity soared after their performance at the 2009 Bamboozle tour and they have been building on this since. With 4 EP’s and 1 LP to their credit, the band has garnered a large following.

On this night the trio played a seemingly flawless show and even threw in a bonus song at the end of their performance per audience request.  A great band to see live, we have several videos from the evening to share with you:

Check LPC on youtube for more videos from this performance!