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If you know about good acts in Philly, no doubt you have heard of this amazing punk outfit comprised of Nicole Snyder and Rachel Gagliardi.  They f*ckin’ rock.  Slutever blitzkrieg-ed through tracks October 15 leaving no doubt that we were watching something insane happening.

Nicole and Rachel traded off guitar and drum duties and they each dominated the instrument they were playing.  Slutever is a force not to be reckoned with: we personally would not mess with either of them.  After running through their set, in true punk style, they droped their instruments and let the show come to an abrupt but fulfilling ending.  Sex Pistols style.

Watch closely as Slutever continues to gain steam on the East Coast and beyond and be sure to go out and support them at shows and via their bandcamp.  In addition, Slutever has a Kickstarter going so donate to that and help them get out and spread their Punk seed.  Enjoy some video from the show after the Bandcamp iFrame.