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We fell in love on October 15th at Kung Fu Necktie with a band called BLEACHED. It was one of those love at first sight sound kind of things. Their music felt like home and something seemed so familiar. While we didn’t know it at the time, perhaps lack of due diligence, we had heard the lead singer and guitarist before. As it turned out, Jennifer Clavin lead singer and guitarist was in bands with whom we were familiar and enjoyed greatly: Cold Cave and Mika Miko. Back for a new adventure, her and her sister Jessica Clavin (also of Mika Miko) formed BLEACHED, started writing material (in 2009) and much later (due to Jennifer’s involvement with Cold Cave) touring with a supporting cast (drummer and bassist) of two: Scott and Kevin.


But back to the love thing – we aren’t sure that this was caused by their past incarnations but rather the sound they are currently producing. In fact, we are certain it is their current sound.

BLEACHED has that fuzzed out beach garage rock punk sound we adore. It’s part Best Coast/Joan Jett/Ramones/Soft Pack/The Damned/et al. How lucky to have heard them in Philly. The crowd loved them too and the set performed was fantastic – perhaps a warm-up to CMJ and Jessica’s homecoming after leaving NYC post Cold Cave stint. We mean warm-up in the most possitive way possible though as their set was on point and enveloping making it difficult to shoot video and take mental notes about the on-goings.

Watch and listen out for BLEACHED as they turn your dark’s white at every show. They are truly not to be slept on. Currently they have several 7″ single out (we were stoked to get ours signed at the show!) but look for a full length LP at some point. We can’t wait to get our copy. Enjoy some video from their Philly show below: