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Lushlife aka Raj Haldar’s skills were on full display for his hometown Philly crowd October 14th at the Union Transfer. Having followed Lushlife for the last 4 years, the expectations we had were high. We wanted to hear tracks off his old albums delivered crisply and with conviction. We wanted to hear new tracks delivered in the same vein. We wanted to see Lush having a good time and it coming across in his performance. All these expectations were exceeded. His set proved that rap sets can be so much more.

No bricks no city no city no block no block-party no Pete Rock no Cannibal Ox no foundation no house to build no time and you ain’t got no time to kill..

Lush’s flow is amazing and his lyricism is accessible and engaging beyond many in the Hip-Hop scene today. For us, it is truly reminiscent of Def Jux style with a modern comparison to those on the Rhymesayers label. Positive messages combined with heartfelt story telling and homemade beats created on drum machines and samplers is what Lushlife is all about. His abilities far exceed the credit he is given (only by shear lack of taste maker awareness) and we find it awesome and yet a bit disheartening that he is more well known in Japan then in the states. Awesome in that the Japanese recognize his undeniable talent, sad in that the birthplace of the genre doesn’t provide him the credit deserved. Like the rest of today’s most talented MC’s, mainstream recognition is elusive. Just as well though as the quality of that product is substantially less. Lush does it because he loves it and caves not to big record pressures.

Lush played songs off his 2009 effort – Cassette City, new songs off his upcoming mixtape – No More Golden Days, and yet another off his upcoming LP. He moved around on stage between his mic, drum machine, sampler and computer and owned every verse. We encourage you to check his stuff out via amazon, discogs (where some rarities can be purchased from overseas), his website and his bandcamp (soon to have his new mixtape gratis). He is also playing a show on October 28th as part of the rockaphilly.com event at Johnny Brenda’s in Philly. Show Lushlife some love and support the work that this great artist does.

Here is some video from his set at Union Transfer: