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Philly’s own Icebird, a brilliant combination of Aaron Livingston and RJD2, played the Union Transfer on October 15th to a packed crowd.  Icebird plays an incomparable blend of Soul, Rock, Folk and Hip Hop and their first single Going and Going, and Going is a doozy.

This was the fourth stop on their first major tour and they pulled out all the stops for the hometown crowd.  Rolling through pretty much every track on their new album, The Abandoned Lullaby, Icebird had a huge backing band including RJD2 on keys and others on guitar, cello, drums, and bass.  Though the sound was not loud enough through the start of their set, by the time they returned to stage for an extra encore at the end of RJD2’s set, everything was on point.  Aaron directed the crowd who repeated his verses and moved organically to the sound having been brought back on stage by RJ.

Icebird plays an end-of-show encore post RJD2 performance

Icebird plays a dynamic range of songs from fast to slow paced and, by in the large, the crowd responded well.  While the buzz we heard was mostly of curiosity as to their origins, we have no doubt that soon many more will be familiar with this stellar Icebird project.  In the end, as the near capacity crowd poured out the doors, all in attendance with a pulse had been moved by Icebird’s performance.

Check out some video from the show including Going and Going, and Going, Charmed Life, & Just Love Me: