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We have a Sneaking Suspicion you haven’t heard of this band and it may be because they are so new that we caught their first show!  The members of Sneaking Suspicion are anything but new to the Philly band scene though.  These guys are amazing. On September 29th they seriously killed it.  We were standing there not believing what we were hearing.  Original material plus Paint it Black by the Stones and Dazed and Confused by Zeppelin were played.  Simply put: if you guys see this band playing, do not miss them.

Sneaking Suspicion is Ry, Bean & Jay-Rod and they all have pedigree.  It is the side project of their dub rock venture Among Criminals and is a Punk, Blues, and Garage Rock mix.

Their songs are tighter than most who have playing their repertoire for years yet it’s all new stuff.  You could tell how much fun they were having as they shredded each and every track.  Ry on guitar and lead vocals is otherworldly in his solos and his voice is on point. Bean lays down thick and inspired bass beating the strings like a madman.  Jay-Rod solidifies the sound with his sick drum skills.

We like these guys a lot and suggest you get out and catch them in their natural element soon.  Here is some video from that unbelievable inaugural performance: