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Cave is a psychedelic rock and drone band based in Chicago, IL, by way of Missouri,  consisting of keyboardist Rotten Milk, guitarist/organist Cooper Crain, bassist Dan Browning and drummer Rex McMurry formed in 2006.  They arrived at KFN in Philly coming off their Junior release of their LP Neverendless on Drag City Records and put forth a mesmerizing performance capped off by the one of longest (17:09) and most entertaining songs we have ever heard live (video to follow).

These four were stunning on this evening; Rotten Milk’s outfit in particular – we couldn’t take our eyes off that zebra top/beard combo.  It underscored his skills on the keys but definitely added a lovely bit of flair.  Cave’s performance on the 27th of September was tight and entertaining.  They moved through the set with ease and captivated all with the organ-keys combo.  The methodicalness of Rex’s drumming was hypnotizing.  We watched nervously as Cooper’s organ perched precariously on a KFN stool, teetering, as he hammered out the rich notes.  It was amazing.  The whole set came together like a feast for the senses.  We thought Cave was fantastic and look forward to catching them again in the future.

Check out some video from the evening below and know that watching this pales in comparrison to getting out and seeing them live: