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You have not heard Nomad Tam you say?  Well that’s just crazy.  We hope that you will in time.  These guys are a brand-new 5 piece from the outskirts of Philly consisting of  piano and synth players, Jared and Jon Pfancook, guitarist Mike Vigilante, bassist Nate Matulus, And percussionist Tommy Seman.

Nomad Tam can rock out, hard.  They play original material.  Their sound is upbeat jam band and they can bring down the house.  Infusing Funk, Rock, and Trance sounds it’s hard to compare them to anyone in the scene today.  We really enjoyed these guys and were overjoyed to see them come on for an encore performance and a whole second set later in the evening on September 22nd.

Truly a local act to catch, be sure to go out and support them when you can.  You will not be disappointed.   Check out some video’s of Nomad Tam below while you wait: