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With great fortitude, Matt Pond took the stage on September 20th at JB’s in Philly with a broken leg he acquired just five days into his 2011 tour. Staring his first song standing up on crutches, he continued the rest of the show in a chair managing to sing, play the guitar and work the pedals – a testament to his desire to play music and please fans. It would have been easy to cancel the tour and abandon his tour-mates and fans but Matt played on. This is the nitty-gritty Matt Pond from Philadelphia, PA we love. Not the one Pitchfork so mercilessly tares apart in its’ reviews – reviews I consider to be unfair and one dimensional.

Matt Pond PA formed his band in Philadelphia, PA (thus resulting in the PA suffix) but has been writing and recording in New York since 2003.  They have released eight LPs and eight EPs since 1998 and currently reside on the Altitude Record label.  His band’s current line up consists of himself on vocals, guitar, Chris Hansen on guitar, vocals, keys, Leslie Sisson on guitar, vocals, George Souleidis on bass and Dan Crowell on drums.

Matt Pond PA’s performance on this night was captivating and we were excited to hear at least one forthcoming single (Hole in My Heart) played.  His broken leg did not slow him down but rather added emphasis on the kind of person he is.  It did, however, force an encore to be played without the typical departure and return to stage – a fact which he mentioned prior to playing his final song.  This performance was a homecoming of sorts and it was certainly befitting of that description.  Matt should be commended for his ability to generate quality material while ignoring the critics and satisfying his audience.  To that end, we present to you some clips from his most recent show in Philly:

Navigate on over to LPC on YouTube to catch a few more tracks from this show such as From Debris, A List of Sound, and Remains.