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Starfucker is Joshua Hodges (vocals, keyboards, guitar, drums), Shawn Glassford (bass, keyboards, drums), and Keil Corcoran (drums, keyboards, vocals) and hail from the great city of Portland.   Having released 2 LP’s, 2 EP’s and singles, Starfucker has created a phenomenal catalog of music so far.  Having been featured in national commercial music, Starfucker has kept it’s name and not given into the pressures of corporate rank and file.  Using audio samples from Alan Watts in several of their songs is just another clue into the genius that is Starfucker.

We were very stoked to see them perform at FUC on September 13th and even more excited to hear them run through most of their eponymous album which they did.  Their energy was palpable and the audience hung on every synth line, guitar cord, drum beat, and vocal.  Add to their sound a dazzling light display and the experience was a trippy joy ride through their musical repertoire.  This band is one not to miss and should certainly be experienced before they move to large scale arenas or your little cousin is playing it on their iPod – something we greedily hope doesn’t happen.

Check out some video from the show and enjoy the ride:

More Starfucker video at LPC on YouTube