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Tim Kasher of Cursive and The Good Life fame plays a fantastic set with a backing band at Johnny Brenda’s in Philly on 082511.

The first video is Album of the Year from his side project, The Good Life.
Tim has some funny musings towards the end of this vid. Starting at 5:03
“I have a question: has anybody – I appreciate that you like that song, appreciate that – has anybody ever thought that sometimes it’s like singing that song – no, no, no – good memories of council-tucky actually, no, that the point near the end of the song when I rhyme “records were her, records were her and Her clothes were packed in boxes” has that ever struck anybody as like unusual horse rhyme. Anybody? huh? A little bit right – it is to me because now looking back now I’d do it different – I’m not saying it’s wrong… but it is funny to me”

Next, Tim plays The Game Of Monogamy.
Tim’s intro to this song was hilarious ” ..think it’s that hot in here right? It is hot in here? Oh, ok. I feel like I’m… we accidentally drank way too much whiskey last night and I feel like I was fine all day and then I got here on this stage right now and I’m like sweating whiskey so hard and it feels disgusting and it’s making me shaky. ….. it’s true.” “I apologize for how weird this song is”

The last video I have for you is Tim playing Empty Bed from his side project, The Good Life.  Enjoy.